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Hot Homey 3D Pen with LCD Screen - with 3 Non-Toxic PLA Filament & Bonus 40 Page 3D Stencil eBook + Pen Holder + Bonus Finger Protector - US


Product Description

Perfect for Adult and Kids:

Hot Homey 3D Pen brings your imagination to light. Helps children develop their creativity and bring their imagination of things to reality. Beginners and professionals use our 3D pen to bring designs to life. Our pen is a perfect birthday gift for boys and girls alike.


Upgraded Design:

Light weight and stylish design brings comfort and improved ergonomics while drawing. Our top rated 3D Pen nozzle is designed to prevent filament jamming and blockage giving you a worry free 3D drawing experience. With our new design no need for special 3d drawing or tracing paper - just your everyday office paper will do the magic. Compatible for use with 1.75mm PLA and ABS filaments.


Adjustable Speed and Temperature:

Transform your sketch to craft using variable speed temperature settings. This gives you consistency and prevent wastage filament. Monitor the temperature using the LCD display. With Hot Homey 3D Pen you can vary the speed and temperature to project need. Pause it and resume at easy. The Pen goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes idling providing you safety and peace of mind.


Bonus Pen Holder + Silicone Finger Grip Protector + Free 40 page 3D e-Stencils - ebook:

No mess no clutter - You are covered with our Pen Holder. No slip, no burns - Our finger grip/protector prevent the pen from slipping away and protect your finger tip from hot filament. Don't have to pay extra for stencils - You have free 40 page downloadable 3D stencils. Our included accessories and tools means your stereoscopic designs will come to life sooner than you think.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back:

Our Quality 3D Doodling Pen is backed by our manufacturer 30 days money back guarantee with one-year free replacement. If Hot Homey quality does not blow your mind, contact our customer service team for superior service

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